Hell & Purgatory

A. What hell is

Mat. 5.22

In danger of hell fire

Mat. 18.8,9

Cast into everlasting fire

Mark 9.43-48

The fire that never shall be quenched

Mat. 25.46

Into everlasting punishment

Rev. 14.9-11

Shall be tormented with fire for ever and ever

Rev. 20.10

Shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever

Luke 16.19...

I am tormented in this flame

B. The reason for hell

Mat. 25.41

Everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels

Heb. 9.27

After this the judgment

Jude 7

The vengeance of eternal fire

2 Th. 1.6-9

In flaming fire taking vengeance

Mat. 23.33

The damnation of hell

Luke 12.4,5

Fear him which hath power to cast into hell

Mat. 10.28

Fear him which able to destroy body and soul in hell

C. The dead are not annihilated, both just and unjust

Psa. 55.15

Let them go down quick (alive) into hell

John 5.28,29

Evil, to the resurrection of damnation

Acts 24.15

Resurrection of the dead, both just and unjust

Luke 16.19-31

In hell he lift up his eyes

Eph. 4.8

He led captivity captive

1 Pe. 3.19

He preached to the spirits in prison, disobedient

1 Pe. 4.6

Preached to them that are dead

2 Pe. 2.4

Hell, chains of darkness, reserved to judgment

Jude 6

Reserved in everlasting chains unto judgment

Rev. 1.7

Every eye shall see him, those that pierced him

D. Who will go to hell

Psa. 9.17

The wicked shall be turned into hell

Psa. 55.15

Wickedness among them (companions of the wicked)

Mat. 23.29,33

Hypocrites, how can ye escape hell?

2 Pe. 2.4-9

The angels that sinned, reserve the unjust

Jude 7

Fornication, vengeance of eternal fire

Luke 10.15,16

Thrust down to hell. He that despiseth me

Rev. 21.8

Unbelieving, murderers, idolaters, liars, lake of fire

E. The lie of Purgatory

Mat. 23.14

Devour widows houses, for pretence long prayer

Psa. 49.6-8

None of them can redeem his brother

Gal. 5.19

All sin is mortal

Rev. 21.8

All sin is mortal, unbelief, fearfulness, murder

Heb. 1.3

By himself purged our sins

John 3.36

Believe not shall not see life

2 Sa. 12.15-23

While he lived there was hope


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