A. Bowing down is considered worship

Mat. 4.9

Fall down and worship me

Acts 10.24,25

Fell at his feet and worshipped...Stand up

Rev. 19.10

I fell at his feet to worship him...See thou do it not

Rev. 22.8

I fell down to worship...See thou do it not

B. Bowing down to images is forbidden

Lev. 26.1

Neither shall ye set any image to bow down unto it

Exo. 20.4,5

Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them

Deu. 5.8,9

Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them

Rom. 13.9

Last five commands...not false witness, not covet

Isa. 42.8

My glory, neither my praise to graven images

C. God is not like any image

Deu. 4.15-19,25

Ye saw no manner of similitude lest make an image

Isa. 40.18,25

What likeness will ye compare unto him?

Acts 17.29

The Godhead is not like unto gold, graven by man

Rom. 1.23

Changed the glory of God to an image like man

D. Images can not do anything

Isa. 44.9,10

They see not, nor know, profitable for nothing

Isa. 46.5-7

Standeth, shall not remove, can not answer, nor save

Hab. 2.18,19

Woe to him that saith to the dumb stone, Arise

Psa. 115.1-7

They have mouths, but they speak not

E. God hates images

Deu. 16.22

Neither any image; which the LORD hateth

Mic. 5.13

Thy graven images will I cut off

Eze. 20.39

Pollute ye my holy name no more with your idols

F. True worship is in spirit

John 4.22-24

Must worship him in spirit and in truth

Acts 17.24,25

Neither is worshipped with men's hands

Acts 17.27

He is not far from every one of us

2 Co. 5.7

We walk by faith, not by sight

G. To serve images is to worship devils

Deu. 32.17

They sacrificed to devils, not to God

2 Ch. 11.15

For the devils, and the calves which he had made

Lev. 17.7

No more offer their sacrifices unto devils

Psa. 106.37,38

Sacrificed sons unto devils, unto idols of Canaan

1 Co. 10.19-21

Sacrifice to idols, they sacrifice to devils

Rev. 9.20

They should not worship devils, idols of gold

H. What God demands from idolaters

Acts 17.30

Now commandeth all men everywhere to repent

1 Th. 1.9

Turn from idols to serve the living God

Acts 15.20

Abstain from pollutions of idols

2 Co. 6.16-17

Come out from among idolaters and be ye separate

1 Jn. 5.21

Keep yourselves from idols

I. The warning to those who will not repent

1 Co. 6.9,10

Neither idolaters shall inherit the kingdom of God

Rev. 21.8

But the idolaters shall have their part in lake of fire

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