Salvation and Security of the Believer

A. Salvation by works?

    John 5.28,29 They that have done good, resurrection of life
    Rom 2.7 By continuance in well doing, eternal life
    Mat. 25.46 The righteous into life eternal
    Mat. 19.16,17 Enter into life, keep the commandments
      Why callest thou me good?
    Rom. 3.9-12 There is none righteous
    Isa. 64.6 Our righteousnesses are as filthy rags

B. Salvation is by grace, not by the Law

    Zac. 12.10-13.1 I will pour upon the inhabitants the spirit of grace
    1 Pe. 1.10 Prophesied of the grace which should come
    John 1.16,17 The law given by Moses, but grace by Jesus Christ
    Acts 14.3 The word of his grace
    Acts 15.10,11 Through the grace of the Lord we shall be saved
    Acts 20.32 To the word of his grace
    Rom. 3.24 Being justified freely by his grace
    Rom. 6.14 Ye are not under the law, but under grace
    Rom. 11.6 If by grace, then is it no more of works
    2 Ti. 1.9 Not according to our works, but according his grace
    Gal. 5.4 Whosoever are justified by law are fallen from grace

C. Salvation is by faith, not by works

    Isa. 64.6 All our righteousnesses are as filthy rags
    Dan. 9.18 Not for our righteousnesses, but for thy great mercies
    Acts 13.38,39 All that believe are justified, not by the law
    Tit. 3.3-7 Not by works of righteousness, but acc. to his mercy
    Eph. 2.8,9 By faith saved, not of works, lest any man boast
    Rom. 3.19-28 Man is justified by faith without the works of the law
    Rom. 4.4,5 Worketh not, believeth, faith counted righteousness
    Rom. 4.16 Of faith, that it might be by grace
    Gal. 2.16,21 A man is not justified by works, but by faith
    Gal. 3.10,11 No man justified by the law, the just shall live by faith
    Gal. 3.21-26 Concluded all under sin that promise by faith given
    Mat. 11.28 Come unto me, and I will give you rest
    Heb. 4.3,10 We believed enter into rest, ceased from own works

D. Once saved we cannot be lost

    1. Because we already have eternal life, the very life of Christ

      1 Jo. 5.13 Ye may know that ye have eternal life
      John 5.24 Not into condemnation, passed from death into life
      John 11.25 Though dead, yet shall live, and shall never die
      Gal. 2.20 I am crucified, I live, yet not I, Christ liveth in me
      1 Pe. 1.23 Born again, not corruptible seed, but incorruptible
      Col. 3.3 Ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God
      Eph. 1.3 Blessed us with all blessings in heaven in Christ
      Eph. 2.6 Hath raised us, made us sit in heaven in Christ
      1 Pe. 1.4 Incorruptible, fadeth not, reserved in heaven

    2. Because our life depends upon the work of Christ

      Rom. 5.9,10 Now justified, we shall be saved through him
      Rom. 5.18,19 By the obedience of one many be made righteous
      Gal. 3.3 Begun in the Spirit, now made perfect by flesh?
      Php. 1.6 He begun will perform it until the day of Christ
      Heb. 7.25 He is able to save them to the uttermost
      1 Pe. 1.5 Who are kept by the power of God unto salvation
      Jude 24 Able to keep you from falling, present you faultless

    3. Because we belong to Christ

      2 Ti. 2.19 The Lord knoweth them that are his
      John 6.39,40 All he hath given me, I lose nothing, I will raise him
      John 10.28 I give to them eternal life, they shall never perish
      John 17.6,12 Thine they were, thou gavest them me, none lost
      1 Co. 11.31,32 We are chastened that we not be condemned
      1 Co. 12.12-27 God hath set members in the body, all necessary
      Eph. 2.20-22 Ye are builded for an habitation of God
      1 Pe. 2.5 Ye are built a spiritual house, acceptable to God
      1 Jo. 2.19 Had been of us would no doubt have continued

    4. Because we are sealed by God

      Rom. 8.28,29 Predestinate to be conformed to his Son
      2 Co. 1.22 Hath sealed us, given us the earnest of the Spirit
      Eph. 1.4 Chosen in him before the world, be without blame
      Eph. 1.13 Ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise
      Eph. 4.30 The Spirit, whereby sealed unto the redemption
      Eph. 1.6 He hath made us accepted in the beloved
      Heb. 10.10-14 He hath perfected forever them that are sanctified

    5. Because God is faithful

      John 13.1 Having loved his own, he loved them unto the end
      Rom. 8.38-39 (Nothing) able to separate us from the love of God
      Rom. 11.29 The gifts and calling of God without repentance
      2 Ti. 2.13 If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful
      1 Jo. 1.7 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
      2 Jo. 2 The truth shall be with us forever

    6. Because God does not count our faults

      Rom. 7.14-24 No more I that do it, but sin that dwelleth in me
      Rom. 8.1 There is no condemnation to them in Christ Jesus
      1 Co. 5.5 That the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord
      1 Jo. 3.20 If heart condemn us, God greater than our heart
      1 Jo. 3.9 Whosoever is born of God cannot sin
      1 Jo. 5.18 Of God keepeth himself, wicked one toucheth not

E. Verses twisted to imply that we might finally perish

Some insist that our salvation depends on our being faithful, and quote the following:
Jam. 2.14- 26 Faith without works is dead

In God's eyes we are justified by faith without works, but our faith is justified before men by our works. (Rom. 4.1-6)

Psa. 51.11 Cast me not away, take not thy Holy Spirit from me.
The Spirit did not yet dwell in men, and was given only to be taken away shortly. (Exo. 31.3, Num. 11.29, 24.2, 1 Sa. 10.10, 11.6, 16.14, 19.23, 2 Ch. 15.1, John 14.23, Acts 1.8, 8.16, Rom. 8.9)
Eze. 33.12 Righteousness not deliver in day of transgression.
We do not trust that our righteousness could ever deliver us. One's own righteousness is not even remembered when he falls in sin.
Mt. 10.22, 24.13,Mk 13.13 That endures to the end shall be saved
He that endures alive to the end of the tribulation, his flesh shall be saved. (Mat. 24.3,6,14,22, Dan. 12.12)
John 15.2,6 Beareth not fruit he taketh away, cast into the fire
The vine symbolizes Israel, God was pruning and purging it. The Jews that rejected Christ did not remain in Jehovah either, were taken away and cast into the fire. (Psa. 80.8, Isa. 3.14, 5.7, Jer. 2.21, Hos. 10.1, Joel 1.7)
Rom. 11.20-22 Heed lest he spare not thee, thou also shalt cut off
Heb. 3.6,14 Whose house are we if hold fast confidence unto end
Heb. 6.4-6 If they shall fall away, it is impossible to renew them
That generation of Jews did not abide in the Lord. They were made partakers of the Holy Ghost (When the Lord healed them in his ministry, and when the Spirit fell at Pentecost), and yet they still fell away. They would have been made the "house of God" had they held fast. Someday the Jews will believe, and the Gentiles will be cut off. (Rom. 11.1,8,11,25, Heb. 4.1,7- 9, 8.8, 12.16,17)
Heb. 10.26-31 If we sin, no more sacrifice, but looking for judgment
The Jews are the people of God, were sanctified by the "blood of the covenant," and are his "adversaries." No Christian is an adversary.
2 Pe. 2.20- 22 After escaped, if overcome, the latter end is worse
The "dog" returns to it's vomit, not the Christian. These are false brethren.
1 Jo. 5.16 There is a sin unto death
Death of the flesh, not of the spirit. (1 Co. 5.5)
Rev. 2.5 I will remove thy candlestick except thou repent
Speaking to the angel, not the Christian, the candlestick is not our eternal life.
Rev. 3.5 I will not blot out his name out of the book of life
Rev. 22.19 I will take away his part out of the book of life
Every believer has overcome by faith in Christ, and cannot be blotted out. (1 Jo. 5.4,5). The book of life has at least three parts...the book of the living, names blotted at death, (Exo. 32.32,33, Deu. 9.14, 29.20, Psa. 69.28, Isa. 4.3, Eze. 13.9)...The book of the elect, written from the foundation of the world, and never can be blotted out, (Luke 10.20, Heb. 12.23, Rev. 13.8, 17.8, 20.15, 21.27)...And the book of rewards, (Psa. 56.8, Isa. 65.6, Mal. 3.16, Rev. 22.19)...The part that can be taken away is the reward. (Rev. 22.12, 1 Co. 3.14, Col 2.18, 2 Jo. 8, Rev. 3.11)


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