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My argument is this, the AV as it now stands has been the STANDARD, the final Authority in English in all matters of faith and practice for the past 380+ years.  Please prove to me that any modern English Bible has replaced that Standard and Authority.

How does anything become the Standard?  We have standard measurements – a ruler, for example.  How did it become the Standard?  Through use, acceptance and general agreement I would suppose.  Perhaps it became the Standard because God said so.  I do not know all the history of the ruler by any means - but I do recognize it as THE STANDARD of measurement.

Along comes a man with an 11" ruler (verses the Standard 12" ruler) –


He says:   "Your ruler is in error because it descended from LATE measurements. 

Your ruler was made out of inferior wood and has inferior craftsmanship.

  When it was originally made the crafters did the best with what they had. 

But today, oh my, today we have found under the Dead Sea fine specimens of 11" rulers or so our professors tell us.  I haven't actually ever seen them for myself

 but I read about them on the Internet.  I have with me a modern, new updated ruler here that is closer to the original sized ruler.

Ruler Critics all agree that this new improved ruler is much closer and comes from older measurements and is therefore superior.  If you were as smart as me you would know this and begin to use this MODERN MAN RULER – it's easier to understand you know! 

After all I have been to RULER CEMETERY (Seminary - I have hard time telling the difference! :-)).   All of us graduates have learned from Doctor Do Little that this 11"

is by far the better quality ruler.  Even though our Ruler Seminary was built

and founded on the STANDARD 12" ruler

and the director of our school only allows the use of the 12" STANDARD

in our woodshop, our Ruler Professors have convinced us that  the 11" ruler is a much better Standard.  We intend to go into the entire world and pretend that we actually believe the 12" Standard but we will make corrections with our MODERN UPDATED RULER.

Even though everything around us was built with 12" rulers

including our own homes, our father’s homes and their father’s homes.

  Our schools, our factories, our nation was built upon the 12" standard we are now convinced that the 11" is much better. After all it's shorter and Dr. Know Nothing

is a respected ruler scholar and he says it is by far the BEST.

  Granted, Dr. Know Nothing and Dr. Do Little have never built anything in their lives but they are orthodox!  We should respect them and follow their advice...”


How did the AV become the STANDARD English Bible? I'm not really sure about all the details.  I do know this though; the English speaking church was built with the AV of the Bible.  Even those who spend their time correcting it were saved by it.  Their churches, homes and schools were built with the AV of the Bible.  They would do well to tread lightly before rejecting its authority.

Did the AV become the Standard because it was a "better" translation, or more accurate translation; or because it was translated from the correct Greek Text? Perhaps it became the Standard because God breathed on it. 

I think it became the Standard because it was what God wanted the English speaking peoples to have as the word of God.  It was received as such by common believers as the word of God.  It was recognized as the word of God by its fruits.  It bore fruit by producing living souls (born again), by producing churches, preachers, and changing lives.  It overtook all other ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS as the STANDARD Bible.

I again repeat my question, which many have failed to answer.  How does the Bible (ANY BIBLE) teach us to recognize the word of God when it is given?

How did Adam recognize the word of God?  How did Adam's children recognize the word of God?  How did Isaac know that his father had received "a word from the Lord"?  How did the early church recognize the Epistle to the Ephesians was the word of God and the Epistle of Barnabas was NOT the word of God?  Was it because of "better" manuscript evidence?  Paul used OLDER parchment than Barnabas?  Paul's writings were "longer", "harder to be understood", "in the minority", "in Greek", whereas Barnabas epistle was "shorter", "easier to be understood", "in the majority", "in English" and therefore to be rejected?  Are the Scriptures silent on HOW TO RECOGNIZE the word of God? 

Does it not have something to do with the testimony of the Spirit of God?  Does it not have to do with FRUITS?  Does it not have to do with FAITH?  Spiritual matters?

I give a partial list of "How the word of God was recognized as the word of God".  

1.  By the Spirit of God -
 John 14.26, 1 Cor. 2.10-16, Hebrews 10.15, 1 John 5.6-10, etc.
2. By faithful witnesses - 2 Cor. 13.1, 1 John 5.9                       

Israel - Rom. 3.1,2; Dt. 4.33,36; Ex. 19.9; Ex. 20.22; Is. 43.10-12, Is.   8.1,2

Church - 1 Tim. 3.15, Rev. 3.8, Acts 5.29-32, 10.40,41; Acts 22.15, 2 Tim. 2.1,2, 1 John 1.1,2, etc.3.

3. By signs -  Ge. 9.12,17; 17,9-14, Ex. 4.1-28, Jer. 24.28,29; Mk. 16.20;  Acts 2.22; Acts 14.3, Romans 15.18,19; Hebrews 2.1-4, etc.

4. By Direct revelation

I'll leave it to you to read ALL the verses where God spoke directly to a man – Adam, Abraham, Noah, David, Solomon, Paul, etc.  These men were convinced the word they received was indeed the word of God.  They were able to convince others of that fact by their faithful witness.

5. Fruits -

A. Life - 1 Peter 1.23-25, James 1.18, 2 Peter 1.4, John 5.24                       

B. Faith - Romans 10.17, John 20.31, Luke 16.29, Prov. 22.19-21


6. Righteousness - Mt. 17.15-20, Mk. 4.14-20, Lu. 8.11-15, Col.1.5,6 6.

7. Truth -  Hebrews 6.18, 1 Kings 2.27, 2 Sam. 7.28, 2 Chr. 36.21, Mt. 1.22,              Mt. 2.27, Mt. 26.56, etc.

This is just a partial list.  If you can give me a few verses where I am to recognize the word of God by "manuscript evidence" type arguments I'll be glad to give her a whirl.  This is where Wescott, Hort and Crew got derailed.  They thought they could find the word of God by "natural" selection!  The AV is a SPIRITUAL BOOK and it is recognized by Spiritual people through spiritual means (see above) to be the word of God in English.


What about foreign language Bibles?  Do they have a Standard? 

Let me say it would be better for English speakers to defend their OWN Bible and let the foreigners defend THEIRS!   It is presumptuous to assume foreign language speakers do not have the word of God in their language.  It is also leaning towards hypocrisy to insist that foreign language speakers submit to an ENGLISH language Bible when all AV Bible believers OBJECT strenuously to anyone demanding that they submit to a GREEK Bible.  Which is to them is in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE.  Foreign language speakers in foreign lands (I remind our readers that I have by the grace of God built churches {people! not buildings} in two foreign lands - Mexico and Poland) recognize the word of God in THEIR language by the same guidelines I have listed above.


Please do write if you have any questions or comments!

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