1. Called by the name of Jesus

Mat. 18.20

Gathered together in my name

Col. 3.17

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus

Eph. 3.15

Of whom the whole family is named

John 17.11,12

Keep through thy name, kept in thy name

Rev. 2.13

Thou holdest fast my name

Rev. 3.8

Thou hast not denied my name

Acts 15.17

The Gentiles upon whom my name is called

Acts 11.26

The disciples were called Christians

Acts 26.28

Almost thou persuades me to be a Christian

1 Pe. 4.16

If any suffer as a Christian, not be ashamed


2. Membership is since salvation

Acts 2.47

The Lord added to the church

1 Co. 12.13

By one Spirit baptized into one body

1 Co. 12.18

God set the members every one in the body

1 Co. 12.28

God hath set some in the church

Eph. 5.30

We are members of his body

1 Co. 6.15

Your bodies are the members of Christ

Rom. 12.5

One body in Christ, every one members


3. There is only one true church

Eph. 2.16

Both to God in one body (Jews and Gentiles)

Eph. 4.4

There is one body

1 Co. 1.13

Is Christ divided?

1 Co. 10.17

Being many are one body

1 Co. 12.12

Being many are one body

Col. 3.15

Ye are called in one body

Col. 1.18

The head of the body, the church

John 17.21

That they also may be one in us


4. The only proper division is according to meeting place

Gal. 1.2

The churches of Galatia

1 Co. 1.2

The church of God which is at Corinth

Rom. 16.1

The church which is at Cenchrea

Rom. 16.5

The church that is in their house

1 Co. 16.19

The church that is in their house

Col. 4.15

The church which is in his house

Eph. 1.1, Php. 1.1, Col. 1.2, Rom. 16.14,15

5. Gathering together is necessary

Acts 2.42

Continued doctrine, fellowship, bread, prayers

Heb. 10.25

Not forsaking assembling ourselves together

1 Co. 14.26

Come together have psalm, doctrine, revelation


Eph. 5.19

Speaking to yourselves in psalms

Col. 3.16

Teaching and admonishing one another

Breaking of bread

Acts 20.7

The disciples came together to break bread

1 Co. 10.16

The bread which we break

1 Co. 11.23-26

Do this in remembrance of me


Acts 12.5,12

Many were gathered together praying

Acts 16.13

(Jews gathered) by a river for prayer

Acts 20.36

He kneeled and prayed with them all

1 Ti. 2.1

Prayers be made for all men


6. Gatherings acceptable to the Lord

A. In his name and with his leadership

Mat. 18.20

Gathered together in my name

Col. 3.17

Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus

Eph. 1.21,22

The head over all things to the church

Eph. 5.23

Christ is the head of the church

Col. 1.18

He is the head of the body, the church

1 Th. 5.19

Quench not the Spirit

B. The "priesthood" of every believer (the open meeting)

1 Pe. 2.5,9

Holy priesthood

Rev. 1.5-6

Hath made us priests

Rom. 12.6-8

Having gifts differing

1 Pe. 4.10-12

Every man received gift, minister the same

1 Co. 14.26

Every one hath a psalm, a doctrine

1 Co. 14.31

Ye may all prophesy one by one

C. With simplicity

1 Co. 2.1-5

Not excellency of speech, enticing words

1 Co. 3.18-20

Seem to be wise, let him become a fool

Rom. 12.8

He that giveth, with simplicity

2 Co. 11.3

Corrupted from the simplicity in Christ

2 Co. 1.12

In simplicity and sincerity to you-ward

Rom. 16.19

Wise unto good, simple concerning evil

1 Co. 8.1,2

Knowlege puffeth up, charity edifieth

D. Without vainglory

Rom. 12.3

Among you, not to think of himself highly

Gal. 5.26

Not desirous of vainglory provoking another

Php. 2.3

Nothing be done through vainglory

2 Co. 2.17

Of sincerity, speak we in Christ

E. Without hipocrisy and deceit


Be not as hypocrites

Jam. 3.17

Wisdom from above without hypocrisy

1 Ti. 1.4,5

Charity of a pure heart, faith unfeigned

1 Pe. 1.22

Unfeigned love with a pure heart

F. Without preoccupation for appearances

2 Co. 4.18

Look not at the things which are seen

2 Co. 5.12

Answer them which glory in appearance

Jam. 2.1-3

A man in goodly apparel, be not partial

1 Pe. 3.3,4

Whose adorning not be outward

G. Without division over strifes, liberties, or preferences

Eph. 4.3

Endeavouring to keep unity of the Spirit

1 Co. 3.3

Among you, strife, divisions, are carnal

Rom. 14.1-6

Him that is weak in the faith receive ye

Jam. 2.1-4

Have not respect of persons

1 Co. 8.13

Lest I make my brother to offend

3 Jn. 9,10

Loveth preeminence, receiveth us not

Col. 2.20-23

Why are ye subject to ordinances?

1 Co. 11.16

Contentious, we have no such custom

Mat. 18.15-17

How to reconcile your brother

1 Co. 6.1-8

How to solve serious conflicts

H. Jealous over doctrine (where division is necessary)

Acts 2.42

They continued in the Apostles doctrine

Rom. 6.17

Obeyed form of doctrine delivered to you

2 Ti. 4.2-4

Preach the word, sound doctrine

1 Ti. 4.6,13,16

Take heed unto doctrine

Tit. 3.10

An heretick reject

2 Jn. 9,10

If any bring not this doctrine, receive not

I. Judging sin, separating from the unrepentant

1 Co. 5.1-13

Put away from yourselves wicked person

1 Ti. 1.19,20

I have delivered unto Satan

1 Ti. 5.20

Them that sin rebuke before all

2 Pe. 2.10-13

Spots, blemishes while they feast with you

J. Judging the contentious and unruly

2 Th. 3.14

Any obey not, note him, have no company

1 Ti. 6.2-5

Any teach otherwise, from such withdraw

Jude 8-10

Despise dominion, speak evil of dignities

Jude 18,19

They who separate themselves, sensual

3 Jn. 9,10

I will remember his deeds


7. Authority in the church

Bishops (or elders) are those appointed to "lead" or "rule" the church. The first ones were apostles, but later elders were chosen according to their possessing the other gifts. And bishops are responsible to do even those works of their bishoprick they are not especially gifted for.

1 Ti. 3.1

Office of bishop, must be blameless

Tit. 1.5-9

Ordain elders, a bishop must be blameless

Acts 1.20-26

Take his bishoprick, the apostles appointed two

Acts 13.1-4

Laid their hands on them and sent them away

1 Ti. 4.14

With the laying on of the hands of presbytery

1 Ti. 5.22

Lay hands suddenly on no man

2 Ti. 1.6

Gift in thee by the putting on of my hands

Acts 14.23

They ordained elders in every church

Tit. 1.5

Thou shouldest ordain elders in every city

1 Ti. 5.1

Rebuke not an elder

1 Ti. 5.19

Against an elder receive not an accusation

1 Ti. 5.17-20

Elders rule, labour in word and doctrine

Heb. 13.17

Obey them that have the rule over you

1 Th. 5.12-14

Which labour among you and are over you


8. Gifts in the Church and responsibilities of the elders

All members of the Church have one or more of these gifts. (prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher) However, it is the responsibility of the elders (bishops) to make sure that these gifts are not lacking; Either by training up faithful men, or/and doing it themselves.

Eph. 4.11,12

Apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher

1 Co. 12.28

Apostle, prophet, teacher

1 Ti. 2.7

I am ordained a preacher, apostle, teacher

2 Ti. 1.11

I am appointed a preacher, apostle, teacher

Rom. 12.3-8

Prophecy, teaching, exhorting, ruling, mercy


A. Apostles (and "revelational" Prophets)

Luke 24.48

Ye are witnesses of these things

Acts 1.8

Ye hall be witnesses unto me

Acts 1.22

To be a witness with us of his resurrection

Acts 4.33

Apostles gave witness of the resurrection

Acts 10.41

Witnesses did eat with him after he rose

1 Co. 9.1,2

Am I not apostle, have I not seen our Lord?

1 Co. 15.15

We have testified that he raised up Christ

I Co. 15.8

Paul was the last of all

1 Co. 4.9

Apostles appointed death (no successors)

Eph. 2.20

The foundation of apostles and prophets

Eph. 3.5

Now revealed unto apostles and prophets

1 Th. 2.13

The word of God ye heard of us

2 Pe. 3.2,15,16

In all his epistles, the scriptures

Luke 16.29

Just as they had Moses and the prophets, we have the Apostles. (Through their writings.)

B. Prophets (Preaching to believers)

1 Co. 14.22

Prophesying serveth them which believe

1 Co. 14.2-4

Edification, exhortation and comfort

Acts 13.1

Certain prophets ministered to the Lord

Acts 15.32

Being prophets also exhorted the brethren

1 Th. 5.20

Despise not prophesyings

2 Ti. 4.2

Preach the word

C. Evangelists (Preaching to unbelievers)

Acts 21.8

Philip was known as an evangelist

Acts 8.5,12

Philip went down to Samaria

Acts 8.26

Philip went to Gaza

Acts 8.40

Philip passing through preached in cities

2 Ti. 4.5

Do the work of an evangelist

2 Co. 10.16

Preach the gospel in regions beyond you

D. Pastors (caring for the church)

Eze. 34.2-10

Feed, strengthen, heal, bind up, bring again

Acts 20.28-31

Take heed to the flock, to feed the church

1 Pe. 5.1-4

Feed the flock of God, taking oversight

1 Th. 5.12-14

Warn, comfort, support, be patient

Php. 2.19-21

Who will naturally care for your state

E. Teachers (establishing the church in sound doctrine)

1 Ti. 5.17-20

Labour in word and doctrine

Col. 1.28

We teach every man in all wisdom

Heb. 5.12

After time ought to be teachers

Gal. 6.6

The taught communicate to the teacher

Col. 2.7

Rooted and built up, as have been taught

1 Ti. 2.12

I suffer not a woman to teach over the man

Tit. 2.3,4

Aged women teach the young women

9. Deacons (stewards, servants)

It appears that these "ministers in carnal things" were also appointed to handle distribution and transfer of money when it was not a simple task, and for this reason deacons had strict requirements.

Acts 6.1-4

Daily ministration, appoint over this business

Php. 1.1

Bishops and Deacons

1 Ti. 3.8-13

Likewise must the deacons be

Rom. 12.7

Ministry, wait on our ministering

2 Co. 8.4

Take upon us the ministering (transfer money)

Heb. 6.10

Minister to the saints

Rom. 15.27

Minister unto them in carnal things

Php. 2.30

Supplying service toward me

2 Ti. 1.16-18

Oft refreshed me, ministered unto me

Rom. 16.1

Sister, a servant of the church (as in 1 Ti. 5.10)


10. The responsibilities of the Church

A. To glorify Christ

Heb. 2.12

In the church I will sing praise unto thee

Eph. 1.6,1

To the praise of the glory of his grace

2 Co. 4.15

The thanksgiving of many to glory of God

Eph. 3.10,11

Known by the church the wisdom of God

B. To edify believers

1 Co. 14.12,26

Seek to edifying of the church

1 Co. 12.7

Given to profit withal

Eph. 4.11,12

For the perfecting of the saints

C. To spread the gospel

1 Th. 1.6-8

Sounded out the word of the Lord

2 Co. 5.19

Committed unto us the word

D. Support the Lord's ministers

Php. 4.14-17

Communicate, giving, sent my necessity

Rom. 15.24

To be brought on my way by you

1 Ti. 5.17

Worthy of double honour


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