The New Birth

A. You must be born again

John 3.1-8

Ye must be born again

John 1.10-13

Made sons of God by receiving him and faith in name

B. Limits of natural birth

1 Co. 15.44

There is a natural body and a spiritual body

1 Co. 15.50

Flesh and blood cannot inherit kingdom of God

1 Co. 2.14

The natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit

Rom. 8.8

They that are in the flesh cannot please God

C. Not every one is a child of God

Rom. 9.8

Children of the flesh are not children of God

1 Co. 15.22

All are children of Adam

Luke 16.8

The children of this world are not children of light

Eph. 2.2,3

Children of wrath and disobedience

Eph. 5.6

Children of disobedience

Col. 3.6

Children of disobedience

John 8.41

You are children of him whose works you follow

Mat. 23.31

Children of them which killed the prophets

Mat. 13.38

The children of the wicked one

John 8.44

Children of the Devil

1 Jn. 3.10

Children of the devil

Acts 13.10

Thou child of the devil

Juan 17.12

Son of perdition

2 Ts. 2.3

Son of perdition


D. New Birth is the Spirit living within us

Rom. 8.15,16

Children of God have received Spirit of adoption

Gal. 3.26

We are children of God by faith in Christ Jesus

1 Co. 2.12

We have received the Spirit which is of God

Gal. 4.5

We receive the adoption of sons

1 Co. 6.11

We are washed and sanctified by the Spirit

Tit. 3.5

The washing of regeneration of the Holy Ghost

Lk 24.49

The promise of the Holy Spirit

John 7.37-39

The Spirit which they that believe should receive

John 14.16,17

The Father shall give you a Comforter

Rom. 5.5

The Holy Ghost given to us in our hearts

Rom. 8.9

The Spirit of God dwelling in all of us who are of God

E. A Newness of Life

2 Co. 5.17

To the new creature all things are become new

Rom. 6.4-6

To walk in newness of life

Col. 2.12,13

Raised and quickened with Christ

1 Pe. 1.3

Begotten again by the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Gal. 2.20

Christ liveth in me

Rom. 8.21

Children of God shall be delivered from corruption

1 Jn. 3.1,2

Children of God shall be like him

F. Children of God have two natures

Col. 3.9,10

An old man and a new man

Eph. 4.22-24

The old man and the new man

Gal. 5.17

These are contrary one to the other

Gal. 5.24,25

The flesh and the Spirit

Rom. 7.21-23

The war in our members

Rom. 7.18

There is nothing good in the flesh

1 Jn. 3.9

That which is born of God cannot sin

1 Jn. 5.18

He that is born of God sinneth not

G. The proof of being God's children

Heb. 12.5-11

God chastens all of his children

Pro. 3.11,12

Whom the Lord loveth he correcteth

Rev. 3.19

As many as I love I rebuke and chasten

H. The new birth is by the word of God

1 Pe. 1.23

Being born again by the word of God

Jam. 1.18

He begat us with the word of truth

Eph. 1.13

After believing word of truth, sealed with the Spirit

Rom. 9.8

Children of the promise

John 6.63,68

The words I speak are Spirit and life

Php. 2.16

The word of life

John 15.3

Ye are clean through the word

Eph. 5.26

The church sanctified by the word

Acts 11.14

Words whereby thou shalt be saved

Mat. 4.4

Man shall live by the words of God

Luke 8.21

My brethren are they which hear the word of God

I. How to receive the Spirit

Luke 11.13

The Father gives the Holy Spirit to them that ask him

John 4.9

Water of life for asking

Luke 18.9

Forgiveness for asking

Luke 23.42

Salvation for asking

Rom. 10.9,13

Salvation for calling on his name



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