A. Human priests cannot take away sins

Heb. 4.15

Was in all points tempted like as we are

Heb. 5.4

Called of God, as was Aaron

Heb. 7.19-21

Not without an oath (God's oath)

Heb. 7.23-25

Ever liveth to make intercession

Heb. 7.26,27

Holy, undefiled

Heb. 7.27

He offered up himself

Heb. 10.10-14

Every priest can never take away sins

Heb. 4.13-16

Let us come boldly unto the throne of grace

Heb. 7.25

He is able to save to the uttermost

Heb. 9.24

Christ is entered into heaven to appear for us

1 Ti. 2.5

There is one God, and one mediator

B. The acceptable sacrifice

Heb. 9.9

Sacrifices that could not make him perfect

Gen. 4.3-5

But unto Cain an to his offering he had not respect

Heb. 9.22

Without shedding of blood is no remission

Heb. 9.12-14

Not by blood of bulls and goats, his own blood

Heb. 9.23

Better sacrifices than these

Heb. 9.24

Entered into heaven itself

Heb. 9.25-26

Not with blood of others, but the sacrifice of himself

C. The old priesthood is done away

2 Co. 3.13,14

That which is abolished

Heb. 7.11

If priesthood (were perfect) what need of another?

Heb. 8.7

If that first had been faultless, no place for second

Heb. 7.12

Priesthood being changed

Heb. 9.11

Christ being come an high priest of things to come

D. Every believer is a priest to God

Exo. 19.6

Israel a kingdom of priests

1 Pe. 2.5,9

An holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices

Rev. 1.6

Hath made us kings and priest unto God

Rev. 5.10

Hast made us unto our God kings and priests

Rev. 20.6

They shall be priests of God a thousand years

1 Co. 12.28

God hath set in the priests

Eph. 4.11

He gave some priests

E. Bishops and Apostles were married

1 Ti. 3.2

A bishop must be the husband of one wife

Tit. 1.6

If any be blameless, the husband of one wife

Mat. 8.14

Peter had a wife

Luke 4.38

Peter had a wife

1 Co. 9.5

Neither Peter nor other apostles left their wives

1 Ti. 4.1-3

Doctrines of devils, forbidding to marry

Heb. 13.4

Marriage is honourable in all, undefiled

F. The power to forgive sins

John 20.23

Whose soever sins ye remit, they are remitted

Mark 2.1-12

Who can forgive sins but God?

Luke 7.48-50

Who is this that forgiveth sins also?

Mat. 18.15-22

Trespass against thee, sin against me, and I forgive

Acts 8.20-22

Pray God, if perhaps may be forgiven thee

Acts 7.60

Lord, lay not this sin to their charge

2 Co. 2.7-10

Ought rather to forgive him

1 Jn. 1.8,9

If we confess our sins, he is faithful to forgive

1 Jn. 2.1

We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ

Rom. 10.9,10

Confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus

G. There is no rank in the church

Acts 10.25,26

Stand up, I myself also am a man

Rev. 19.10

See thou do it not

Rev. 22.8

See thou do it not

Rev. 2.6,15

Doctrine of Nicolaitans (Nico=Over, Laita=people)

Gal. 2.9


Luke 22.25-27

Exercise authority, ye shall not be so

Mat. 23.8,9

Call no man father upon the earth

1 Pe. 5.1

I am also an elder

H. Jesus is the only foundation of the church

Mat. 16.18

Upon this rock I will build my church

John 2.19

Destroy this temple, he spake of his body

Mark 12.9-12

The stone the builders rejected, head of corner

Rom. 9.33

Stumblingstone, Rrock of offence

1 Pe. 2.4-8

Ye also as lively stones, Jesus, a chief corner stone

Acts 4.11,12

This is the stone, set at nought of you

Luke 20.17,18

Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken

Eph. 2.20

Jesus the chief corner stone

1 Co. 3.11

Other foundation can no man lay, Jesus Christ

1 Co. 10.4

That rock was Christ

Deu. 32.4

He is the Rock, a God of truth

Deu. 32.15

Forsook God, lightly esteemed the Rock of salvation

Deu. 32.18

The Rock that begat thee

Deu. 32.30,31

Their rock is not as our Rock

Psa. 18.2,46

The LORD is my rock


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