A. Written by men but inspired by God

2 Ti. 3.16,17

All scripture is inspired by God

2 Pe. 1.19-21

The prophecy came not by the will of man

2 Sa. 23.1,2

The Spirit of the Lord spake by me

2 Ki. 21.10

The LORD spake by his servants the prophets

Neh. 9.13,14

Thou gavest them laws by the hand of Moses

Acts 1.16

The Holy Ghost spake by the mouth of David

Acts 3.18

God shewed by the mouth of his prophets

Rom. 1.2

God promised in the holy scriptures

Rom. 16.25,26

Mystery manifest by the scriptures

1 Co. 14.37

Things I write are commandments of the Lord

Gal. 1.11,12

The gospel I preach is not after man

1 Th. 2.13

The word of God which ye heard of us

Heb. 1.1,2

God spake by the prophets

Heb. 3.7

as the Holy Ghost saith,


B. God's word is preserved

Mat. 24.35, Luke 21.33

My words shall not pass away

Psa. 119.152

Thy testimonies founded for ever

Isa. 30.8

A book that lasts for ever

Isa. 40.8

The word of our God shall stand for ever

1 Pe. 1.23-25

The word of the Lord endureth for ever

2 Pe. 1.19

We have a sure word of prophecy

Mat. 5.18

One jot or one title shall in no wise pass

Luke 16.17

Not one tittle of the law shall fail


C. God's word is withour error

John 10.35

The scripture cannot be broken

Tit. 1.2

God cannot lie

Heb. 6.18

God cannot lie

Psa. 119.128

I esteem all thy precepts to be right

Psa. 119.160

Thy word is true

John 17.17

Thy word is truth


D. God's word should not be changed

Deu. 4.2

Ye shall not add to the word neither diminish

Deu. 12.32

thou shalt not add thereto nor diminish from it

Pro. 30.5,6

Add thou not to his words

Rev. 22.18,19

Do not add or take away from the words of the book


E. Ways to abuse the word of God

Jer. 36.29-31

Thou hast burned this roll

2 Ch. 36.16

They despised his words

Jer. 8.9

They have rejected the word of the Lord

2 Co. 2.17

Many corrupt the word of God

2 Pe. 3.16

They wrest the scriptures to their own destruction

Mat. 15.1-3

Ye have made it of none effect by your tradition


F. It is the foundation of our faith

1. It is quoted for proof of doctrine

Mat. 4.4

It is written

Mat. 21.42

Did ye never read in the scriptures?

Luke 24.27

He expounded in all the scriptures

John 7.38,42

Hath not the scripture said?

Acts 8.35

Philip began at the same scripture

Acts 17.2,3

Paul reasoned with them out of the scriptures

Acts 18.28

Shewing by the scriptures that Jesus was Christ

Rom. 4.3

For what saith the scripture?

1 Ti. 5.18

Paul qoutes Luke (Luke 10.7)

2 Pe. 3.15,16

Peter quotes Paul


2. It is searched to prove a doctrine

John 5.39

Search the scriptures

Acts 17.11

They searched daily to see if these things were so


3. Our only supreme authority

Isa. 8.20

If they speak not according to this word, no light in them

1 Pe. 4.11

If any man speak let him speak as the oracles of God

Job 23.12

I esteem the words of his mouth more than my food

1 Jn. 5.9

The witness of God is greater than the witness of men

Isa. 66.2

That trembleth at my word

Rom. 3.4

Let God be true and every man a liar

Psa. 138.2

Magnified thy word above all thy name


4. Ignorance causes error

Mat. 22.29

Ye do err not knowing the scriptures

John 20.9

As yet they knew not the scripture

Acts 13.27

Because they knew not the prophets they condemned him


G. It is understood by the Spirit

Luke 24.45

Then opened he their understanding

John 6.63

The words that I speak are Spirit

John 16.13

The Spirit will guide you into all truth

1 Co. 2.10-14

They are spiritually discerned

2 Co. 3.15-18

When Moses is read the vail is upon their heart

Heb. 4.12

A discerner of the thoughts of the heart

Hos. 14.9

Just walk in them, transgressors fall therein


H. The purpose of the scriptures

1. To reveal Christ

John 5.39

They are they which testify of me

Luke 24.27

In all the scriptures the things concerning himself

Acts 8.32-35

Began at the same scripture and preached unto him Jesus

Acts 10.43

To him give all the prophets witness

Acts 18.28

Shewing by the scriptures that Jesus was Christ

1 Co. 15.3

Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures

Heb. 10.7

In the volume of the book it is written of me


2. To live by

Mat. 4.4

Man shall live by every word of God

2 Ti. 3.16,17

That the man of God might be perfect

Psa. 119.11

That I might not sin

Eph. 6.17

The sword of the spirit

1 Jn. 2.14

The word abideth in you, have overcome the wicked one


3. The source of faith

Rom. 10.17

Faith cometh by the word of God

John 20.31

These are written that ye might believe


4. To give life

John 6.63,68

The words I speak are life

1 Pe. 1.23

Born again by the word of God

Jam. 1.18

Begat us with the word of truth


5. To judge the world

John 12.46-48

The word shall judge him in the last day


I. Our duty toward the word of God

John 5.39

Search the scriptures

2 Ti. 2.15

Study and rightly divide the word of truth

Deu. 6.7, 11.19

Teach them to our children

Jam. 1.22-25

Continue therein not being a forgetful hearer

2 Ti. 4.2

Preach the word


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