Condemnation, Sanctification, Justification & Glorification

I.            Condemnation

1.            Condemned by descent
Rom. 5.12-21 Sin entered by one man (Adam)
1 Co. 15.21,22 In Adam all die
1 Co. 15.45-50 Adam a living soul, Christ quickening spirit
Heb. 7.9,10 Levi paid tithes in the loins of Abraham
Luke 11.47-51 Blood from Abel required of this generation
Exo. 34.7 God visits the iniquity of the fathers to the children
2.            Condemned by evil works
John 3.17-21 This is the condemnation, their works were evil
Jude 14,15 Christ is coming to judge the ungodly
2 Pt. 2.12,13 Shall receive the reward of unrighteousness
Rom. 2.6,12 Judged according to their works
Rev. 20.12,13 Judged according to their works
3.            Condemned by their words
Job 9.20 Mine own mouth shall condemn me
Mat. 12.36,37 By thy words shalt thou be condemned
Rom. 2.1-4 Wherein judgest another thou condemnest thyself
Tit. 3.11,12 Being condemned of himself

4.            Condemned by unbelief

John 3.18 Condemned because he hath not believed
2 Th. 2.11,12 That might be damned who believed not the truth
Mark 16.16 He that believeth not shall be damned

5.            Condemnation for those who believe?

Rom. 8.1 There is no condemnation for them in Christ Jesus
Rom. 8.34 Who is he that condemneth?
1 Jn. 3.20,21 If heart condemn us God greater than our heart
Rom. 14.22 Happy is he that condemneth not himself

                                                         II.            Justification

1.            Our own righteousness

1 Co. 6.9 The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God
Job 25.4-6 How can a man be justified?
Job 9.20 If I justify myself mine own mouth shall condemn me
Luke 16.15 Ye are they which justify yourselves before men
Pro. 17.15 He that justifieth the wicked is abomination
Rom. 10.1-3 Going about to establish their own righteousness
Php. 3.3-9 Not having mine own righteousness
Tit. 3.5 Not by works of righteousness we have done

  2.            Justification by faith

Acts 13.38,39 All that believe are justified
Rom. 3.10-31 The justifier of him which believeth in Jesus
Rom. 4.1-6 Faith is counted for righteousness
Rom. 5.1 Being justified by faith
Tit. 3.5-7 Being justified by his grace
Php. 3.9 Righteousness which is of God by faith
Heb. 11.7 The righteousness which is by faith
Luke 18.9-14 The repentant sinner justified

3.            Justified through Jesus Christ

1 Co. 6.9-11 Ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus
1 Co. 1.30,31 Christ is made unto us righteousness
2 Co. 5.21 That we might be made righteousness of God in him
Gal. 2.20,21 I do not frustrate the grace of God
III.            Sanctification - To set apart, purify, to make holy

1.            We are called Saints

Psa. 116.15 Precious is the death of his saints
Rom. 1.7 Beloved of God, called to be saints
1 Co. 1.2 Them that are sanctified, called to be saints
1 Ped. 2.9 An holy nation
Job 15.14-16 He putteth no trust in his saints

2.            Our Standing, Position of being Saints

2 Th. 2.13,14 Chosen to salvation thru sanctification of Spirit
1 Pe. 1.2 Elect through sanctification of the Spirit
Acts 26.18 Inheritance among them that are sanctified
Heb. 10.10-14 We are sanctified thru the offering of Jesus Christ
Heb. 13.12 That he might sanctify the people with his own blood
1 Co. 6.9-11 Sanctified in the name of the Lord Jesus
1 Co. 1.30 Christ is made unto us sanctification

3.            Practical daily sanctification

1 Th. 4.1-7 This is the will of God, even your sanctification
2 Ti. 2.19-21 Every one that nameth Christ depart from iniquity
1 Pe. 1.13-16 As he which hath called you is holy so be ye holy
1 Pe. 3.15 Sanctify the Lord God in your hearts
Eph. 4.22-32 Put on the new man created in true holiness
Eph. 5.25-27 Christ loved the church that he might sanctify it
John 17.17-19 Sanctify them through thy truth
Rom. 12.1-2 Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy
Tit. 2.3-5 Be in behaviour as becometh holiness

IV.            Glorification

Rom. 3.23 Come short of the glory of God
Pro. 25.27 For men to search their own glory is not glory
Tit. 2.11-15 Looking for the glorious appearing of our Saviour
Rom. 8.17-23,30 We suffer that we may be glorified together
2 Co. 4.17,18 Worketh for us a far more eternal weight of glory
1 Pe. 4.13 When his glory shall be revealed ye may be glad
Eph. 1.13,14 Redemption of purchased possession to his glory
1 Co. 15.42-44 Sown in dishonour it is raised in glory
John 12.16,23-25 Son of man glorified in his resurrection
Php. 3.20,21 Change our vile body to be like his glorious body
Col. 3.1-4 When Christ appears we shall appear with him in glory
1 Jn. 3.2 When he shall appear we shall be like him
Php. 3.8-14 I suffer loss to know him, the power of his resurrection


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