Brent & Janice Riggs

Preaching the Gospel in Poland



December 2006



Dear Saints,

            Greetings to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of glory, honour and power.  May all nations praise and glorify Him.

             Wow - what a year! Janice and I were tremendously blessed in the early part of this year to be with all four of our children, their spouses and our four grandchildren. We were thrilled to see all the saints of God in San Antonio, Texas and were refreshed with the great preaching during the Mission Conference. We had a great time visiting churches out in North Carolina – Bro. Eborn and the believers at Grace Baptist Church, Bro. Wingard and the saints at Calvary Baptist Church and Bro. Shepard at Peace Baptist Church.

            We also had a chance to visit some of the churches in Mexico and visit with Brothers Bill Kincaid, Michael Jackson and John Castillo and their families. Eighteen churches in Mexico are still going strong! Sixteen Mexican pastors, ten missionaries and over one-hundred street preachers! What a refreshing of the spirit that trip was!

            When we finally got back to Poland we had to immediately get ready for the Hope for Łódź Campaign. Couriers for Christ brought 30+ soldiers of Christ from the USA to help us distribute around 110,000 Gospel invitations and Gospel of John/Romans to the inhabitants of Łódź. What a blessing as well over 450+ people poured into the Jaracza Theatre to hear the Gospel preached and receive a free Polish Bible. It was a blessing that I will never forget! Never before had we seen such a crowd of people gathered to hear the Gospel of the grace of God in Poland. Brothers Joe West, Joshua West, Corey Riggs and Mike Wolski have had their hands full in following up on all of the contacts made during that campaign. Praise God that a few people have been saved because of it and several are now attending the Church in Łódź. Joe told me the other day that their average age is well above 60! I replied, that’s ok, because the average age of the believers in Warsaw is around 6! We have 22+ children in our church! We have been praying for some time now that God would add 50 people to our church – we have since clarified our request with the word “adults”!

            This past summer has been one of the best summers for street preaching here in Warsaw, Poland. We had large crowds almost every time Bro. Robert Vieira and I have gone out to preach. We made a lot of contacts – very few have come out to the church, but they keep showing up for the street preaching. We haven’t seen very many people saved, but we have, by the grace of God, sown a lot of Gospel seed.  One young lady, Agnieszka Odum, recently got saved – she has turned out to be a real fireball for the Lord. I spoke with Agnieszka and her husband five years ago when they were having marital problems. Out of the blue she calls me and asks if she can come to church and speak with me. After several meeting she got saved, was baptized and has been faithful to church ever since. What a blessing! This of course demonstrated the difficulties we face here in Poland – Poles are very slow to react to the Gospel. They have been dominated by religion and foreign powers for 1,000 years. By God’s grace we will continue to plow up the fallow ground and pray for a harvest!

            Janice and I celebrated 28 years of marriage this past October. I finally took her on a belated 25th anniversary trip (which I promised her in my youth). We had a great time! I sure do love her and thank the Lord for her every day.

            Well, we continue to labor and preach the gospel. Please continue to pray for us! Pray for a breakthrough here in Poland. May God richly bless each and every one of you. We thank you for your prayers and support.



In Jesus’ Name,


Brent  & Janice

Ul. Domaniewska 22 m17

02-672 Warsaw


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