April 2005

Dear Saints,

                We send greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of glory, praise and honor. O that all nations would praise His holy name.

                By God’s wonderful grace we continue to fight the great fight of faith here in Warsaw, Poland. It has been a long hard winter for all of us. The church here is struggling to win converts. We haven’t had many visitors over the winter, and our attendance is still at around 30 adult Poles. But, spring is in the air and there is a renewed hope of seeing souls saved.  We have written several new tracts and also have printed up some new signs to use in our street preaching. Our new signs have thought provoking moral statements and then a verse of Scripture. For example: Stealing a bus ride not only violates Polish law, but the Law of God – Thou shalt not steal! These types of signs have been much more affective than our hard hitting doctrinal signs. We have also been able to put these same signs up on the Metro (subway). Each sign will run for 30 days at a cost of about $75.

                The Polish Bible project is moving on. We are currently making inroads into 1 & 2 Corinthians.  We still hope to finish the New Testament sometime this year.  We recently printed 20,000 Gospel of Johns/Romans. Please pray for all the project workers.

                In our last letter we mentioned our plans of moving part of our team to another town. We had a gospel campaign in Poland’s 2nd largest city – Łódź, this past weekend. We passed out over 15,000 gospel tracts, printed the gospel in the newspaper, preached on the street and had evangelistic meetings each night. Our first night we had 30 Poles (9 or 10 were lost), the second  night we had 3 lost visitors and Sunday morning we had 3 more lost visitors. We were able to get 3 solid contacts out of the campaign. So it looks like we will be off to Łódź this summer. We will be sending the Joe West, Josh West, and Mike Wolski families in July, and then we’ll send the Robert Vieira family later. Our son Corey and Magda Riggs will go next summer. Janice and I will follow as soon as the church is ready for us to leave or we feel that we can no longer be of help here in Warsaw.

                We were so glad to have our son, Jason Riggs, make it home from Iraq safely. We thank you all for you prayers. We ask you to pray for our eldest daughter, Leslie Constanzo, as the doctors think she has a rare liver disease – Wilson’s disease.

                We received permission from the Polish Defense Minister to send 2,000 Gospel of John’s and a letter of encouragement to the Polish soldiers fighting in Iraq. We were really excited about the project and got them sent off to the Polish Army Transport Division in Southern Poland. But as usual here in Poland, the devil worked it out so that they were never sent on to Iraq. Part of the problem was Roman Catholic Chaplains bucking us, and the other problem was the Polish army doesn’t seem to have any real transport planes! Everything is sent to Iraq by truck! We are still trying to get them sent to the soldiers, but right now it doesn’t look so good. If any of you have contact with the American Army in Iraq and think they could get these letters to the Polish soldiers let me know ASAP!

                Please pray for us as we continue to bring the gospel to 38 million lost Poles.



In Jesus’ Name,


Brent  & Janice

Ul. Domaniewska 22 m17

02-672 Warsaw


Please do write if you have any questions or comments!

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