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August 1, 2007



Dear Saints,

            Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of glory, honor and power. O that all nations would praise His glorious name.

            Janice and I want to thank you for you continued prayer and support of our ministry. We could not do the work of the Lord here in Poland without generous people like you. May God richly bless you for all of your kindnesses.

            We have gone through quite a battle in the past few months, but the Lord is faithful and has delivered us out of all our afflictions. Several members of our church, including a prominent deacon, left the church. Without going into the sordid details let me say: Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease. Pr 22:10. Frankly, this purge may be the very thing the body of Christ in Warsaw needed to begin growing again.

            The Polish Bible project has run into a roadblock as well. We are nearing completion of the New Testament and some dear brothers are beginning to object to its printing. On the other hand, many others from around Poland have become aware of the project and are greatly interested in its completion. We have received letters from around Poland praising the work done so far and have had requests from many churches asking for it to be printed. It is all in the Lord’s hands. We will continue to try to overcome the objections raised against this vital project.

            As some of you may already know, Cassidy, our youngest daughter, will be getting married to Paweł Drąg on August 25th – just 24 days away! Paweł is a great guy and I believe he is an answer to our prayers for Cassidy. Please pray for them as they start out on their new journey in life together.

            We will be having a “holy weekend” this week. Saturday the entire church will be coming out for evangelism – we hope to pass out thousands of Gospel’s of John/Romans. On Sunday we will be taking a rented bus over to Łódź for a baptismal service (Krzystof, a young man, recently called on the Lord) and fellowship with the saints of God in Łódź. It should be a great time of renewing and fellowship for the brethren. Besides they have cleaner water over in Łódź!

            Janice and I are doing great! Loving the empty nest, but missing all our kids and grandkids. We are rejoicing in the Lord despite the raging battle around us. We serve a great God!

            Please continue to prayer for us!



In Jesus’ Name,



Brent & Janice


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