November 2004


Dear Saints,

                We send greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of glory, praise and honor. O that all nations would praise His holy name.

                As many of you know Janice and I have been spending some time in the house of mourning. My dad, Al Riggs, went to be with the Lord this past month. The Lord Jesus saved my dad a couple of years ago and he had a tremendous testimony of Godís grace. It was a real joy to know that after years of resisting the Spirit of God my dad finally surrendered to the Gospel call. I had an opportunity to spend some time with my dad before he gave up the ghost.  If there is one thing I learned from my visit to the house of mourning it is this: Love is the principle thing!

                While attending to my father in Michigan, Janice received news that her dear mother, Ruth Sprague, has terminal cancer. Janice is now in Texas attending to her sweet mother. May God grant Janice, Grandma Sprague and the whole Sprague family all the love and peace of God that I found in the house of mourning.

                One thing about going down into the house of mourning is you get a renewed view of Mount Zion.  The battle still rages on and we continue the great fight of faith here in Poland. The church here is growing spiritually even if not in great numbers. We are hovering around 30 people in our Sunday meetings.  We have some young men that have potential to become pastors. We are considering sending a gospel team made up of Joe West, Corey Riggs, our son and Mike Wolski either to Gdansk (Northern Poland) or Czestochowa (Southern Poland) this spring. Please pray that weíll make the right move.

                The Polish Bible project is moving on. We have a goal to finish the New Testament within the next year. It is an ambitious project. Our Bible project teams need much prayer. The Old Gdansk Bible is no longer being printed and we are down to our last four Bibles. Keep this matter in your prayers as well.

                It was great to see my grandson, Nathan Constanzo, along with my daughter Leslie and her husband Michael while in the States. Our son, Jason, is in the U.S. Marines fighting in Iraq. Sheree, my favorite daughter-n-law is with child and is due this next month. Jason wonít be there for his sonís birth, so, please keep them both in prayer at this trying time. Corey, our youngest son, will be getting married this next month to Magda Tolwinska. He continues to do a great job preaching the gospel here in Poland with us. Magda is a sweet young lady who loves the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for both of them as they start out their journey of love!                 Cassidy, our youngest daughter, is doing well trying to finish up her High School work. She is trying to cram 1.5 years into one. Sheíll need your prayers as she decides Godís plan for her life.

                Janice and I celebrated 26 years of marriage October 14. Too bad we were across the big pond from each other on that special day! Please pray for us as we continue to bring the gospel to 38 million lost Poles.


In Jesusí Name,


Brent  & Janice

Ul. Domaniewska 22 m17

02-672 Warsaw



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